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Legacy Staff Supporting Local Livestock Shows

Recently Legacy Ag Credit has been attending quite a few livestock shows in support of our youth. As you can see several of our staff members have recently attended or purchased livestock from local shows. Here are a few reasons we take so much pride in endorsing and supporting local livestock shows and exhibitors:

1) We are in the business of giving people a start. Everybody starts somewhere, and often times youth develop a love for the agriculture and livestock industry through showing. We want to be apart of cultivating that love and appreciation for the next generation. And even if it is not their desire to pursue those industries, maybe they use profits from their show animals to start saving for college. Either way, we support our youth as they start something that will help them build a bright future.

2) We appreciate the lessons it teaches the youth about financial responsibility and stewardship. The record keeping required for most show animals of expenses and profits, input and output costs are pivotal to the success of any business. We believe in teaching kids from a young age about detailed recording keeping and its imperativeness to a profitable venture.

3) We value hard work and feel it should be rewarded. Taking care of livestock is hard work. It requires commitment and daily dedication; values that are important to us. We want to see the youth rewarded when they put in the effort to foster these values. We feel the same way about our clients, we want your hard work to reap the rewards. So for us, it is not just about providing a loan, but rather the right loan and the support that sets you up for long-term success .

4) Community involvement is important to us. We are proud to service East Texas and we want to be apart of enriching the local community to make it an enjoyable and safe place to live. We feel one of the ways to strengthen a community is to invest in young people and families.We want to do more than just business in a community, but rather serve an active role in cultivating it’s values and growth.

As an institution that knows a thing or two about financial dividends, we firmly believe that an investment in our youth yields some of the greatest returns.

Yancy Murray purchases Reserve Grand Champion Rabbits
Legacy Ag Credit Vice President Yancy Murray purchased the Reserve Grand Champion rabbits, exhibited by Landon Degner with Harleton 4H, at the 2018 Harrison County Farm City Week Livestock Show & Sale on March 22, 2018.
Legacy supports youth in February 2018 NETLA show
Legacy Ag Credit supports the area youth participating in the NETLA show February 23, 2018.

The Annual Stockholders Meeting of Legacy Ag Credit, ACA

The Annual Stockholders Meeting will be held April 18, 2018, at 1:00 p.m. in Sulphur Springs, Texas.
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Willing to Serve? A Message to Stockholders

Legacy Ag Credit has a Board of Directors elected by the member-stockholders; the Board governs the long-term direction and overall health of the cooperative.  Board members typically serve three-year terms, and each year, stockholders have the opportunity to vote in a director election.  Legacy Ag Credit is committed to providing good representation on this board, and to that end, the association encourages stockholders to get involved in director elections.  In order for you to become involved, it is very important that you exercise your stockholder right to vote.  More importantly, we hope you will consider whether you have skills and experience that would be an asset on our board.

We encourage you to consider running for the board if you would like to help set the policies that govern the day-to-day operations, review reports to assess the association’s performance and asset levels, and establish the strategic direction to keep Legacy financially strong and competitive.

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Thanks again to all our stockholders for your continued involvement and support of the Association.