Farm Operating Loans

What is a farm operating loan?

Legacy Ag Credit provides farm operating loans to help you run an efficient and productive farm enterprise. Our short-term agricultural loans are tailored to your needs and can be used to streamline your production expenses.

How does a farm operating loan work?

Farm operating loans provide the needed financial support for nearly all successful farm operations. Operating loans bring farmers proper cash flow and working capital to meet expenses while offering the ability to pay back debt. Some loans are prepared in conjunction with the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) when financing the costs of a farm operation but most aren't.


Where can you find us? 

Throughout northeast Texas, our farm operating loan services are available to you and we are proud to provide you with assistance in each of the counties we represent:

  • Franklin
  • Gregg
  • Harrison
  • Hopkins
  • Kaufman
  • Marion
  • Rains
  • Upshur
  • Van Zandt
  • Wood

When applying for a farm operating loan, a representative will share available financing benefits with you. We offer a revolving-line-of credit option, which allows you to draw and repay funds throughout the term of the note. If you are looking for a longer loan option, intermediate-term loans, with tenors up to 10 years, are also available.

How to apply for an operating loan for farming?

Like all of our loans, this type of financing can be customized to your individual production schedule. We offer the easy option to begin your application process online. You can also visit one of our Legacy Ag Credit branches to speak with a loan officer who can assist you further. 

How to get a business loan for a farm operation?

Begin your journey to a loan that works for you by contacting Legacy Ag Credit. A qualified staff member will help you through the process. Our farm operating loan rates are competitive and we offer you tools to determine a loan solution that works. You can use our Loan Payment Calculator to estimate a monthly payment, based on the purchase price, your down payment, the available interest rate and the frequency of payment.

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