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Buying a piece of rural property is a dream for many. At Legacy Ag Credit, we can help you make that dream a reality.  Legacy Ag Credit is the premier provider of agriculture loans and related financial services in northeast Texas. We offer a broad range loans and other financial products specifically for rural land owners, farmers and ranchers. As an agricultural cooperative, we have over 95 years of experience as a collective for producers and our lenders deliver flexible solutions to help you manage what matters most.

Our rural land loan program is designed to help you finance your dream of living on rural land, building a home, and create a legacy.

Visit one of our convenient locations in Canton, Gilmer, Longview, Sulphur Springs or Terrell, and talk with an agent about starting a rural land loan today.

What is a Land Loan?

Sometimes, buying an existing home doesn’t work for your lifestyle. Perhaps you don’t want to live in the suburbs, or need a lot of space to live. Whatever the case, applying for a land loan differs from conventional loans. A land loan is used by borrowers to purchase land in raw, lot or vacant form. This land is secured against the land itself since there is no existing structure to use as collateral. You may want to purchase land that has no access to roads or utilities and is considered undeveloped.

Land loans generally fall into three types: raw land, lot land and construction loans:

  • Raw land has no structures, is not cultivated and has no utilities or access.
  • Construction or improved land is fully developed and is considered construction-ready.

Land loans can be used to build your country home, expand on an existing ranch or start a small farm. Whether for business or growing your family, a rural land loan requires specialized financial expertise. The lending team at Legacy Ag Credit has years of experience navigating the ins and out of rural land loans in northeast Texas. With our team of experienced land-lending specialists, we can customize a loan package to suit your needs.

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No dream is too big or too small for us at Legacy Ag Credit. We guide you through the loan process, from financing land, to other loan types like recreational, livestock and equipment loans or loans for barndominiums. Our number one objective is to help you reach your dreams. With our personalized service, our lending team will work with you to find the best agriculture loans that meet your needs and goals.

Legacy Ag Credit is a proud member of the Farm Credit System, a network of nationwide lenders that support rural American on the farm and at home.

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