Young, Beginning and Small Farmers Program


Support must exist for agriculture producers of all backgrounds. At Legacy Ag Credit, that idea is cultivated with customized products and services that are specific for those who may need to overcome barriers to enter and grow in the ag industry.

Legacy Ag Credit serves farmers of all kinds including young, beginning, and small farms. Our lenders are here to offer young, beginning and small (YBS) farm loans as the financial strongholds to be used by the next generation of farmers in Northeast Texas. Legacy Ag Credit loan programs assist with the extensive startup capital costs for equipment and livestock, along with many other financial needs. Our YBS loans are custom-built to the specific requirements small producers often need to purchase land and start their first ranch, expand an existing farm, or rework their acreage.

Below are the various requirements for different YBS loan varieties:

Young Farmer Loans

Young farmer loans are agriculture finance products that are specific to age of the borrower. Producers are able to qualify for a farm or ranch loan with the “young farmer” classification if they are 35 years of age or younger.

Example: Young farmer loans may be requested as operating loans for a chicken farm that needs a revolving line of credit. The farm is operated by a 31-year-old producer who receives customized financing options because of his or her age.

Beginning Farmer Loans

With beginning farmer loans, classifications are made based on they years of experience a farmer, rancher, or other agriculture producer has in the industry. Someone who qualifies for the YBS farmer loan program may receive special governmental assistance on their agribusiness, land improvement, or other type of loan if they have 10 years of experience or less as a farmer, rancher, or harvester of aquatic products. 

Example: A loan application is accepted with custom underwriting for a beginning farmer who has five years of experience operating a pig farm.

Small Farm Loans

The financing specifications for small farm loans are connected to annual gross sales of the operation. These are classified as farmers, ranchers, producers, or harvesters of aquatic products who generates less than $250,000 in annual gross income from their products.

Example: Small aquatic farmers with a saltwater “aquaculture” operation earn roughly $175,000 in sales each year, harvesting oysters and mussels. They are seeking a $4,000 loan for new equipment, but receive special financing options through government guarantees loan programming.

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Legacy Ag Credit understands the difficulty that comes with overcoming obstacles in the agriculture industry. We have been there. Many of our lenders have first-hand experience in the fields, working operations on small farms and as young producers with an interest in improving the industry.

Talk with the Legacy Ag Credit team today about our new farmer loans and receive a custom plan for your specific needs. Apply for a loan, today! YBS loan applications are also available at all of our five convenient branch locations. For more information, contact us, or give us a call toll-free at 866-885-3522.  

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