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The forestry industry is an often neglected area of the agriculture industry, but not by Legacy Ag Credit. We offer timber loans for anyone looking to start, expand, or update timber and sawmill operations in the Northeast Texas region.

Catering to a portion of the designated Woodbasket region of the U.S., we know that the demand for timber is the highest it has been in years. Now is the perfect time to learn how a loan will help you prepare to satisfy this demand.

What is a timber loan?

A timber loan is any loan that provides financing for timber-related work on any scale. It can include anything from establishing roads and fire lanes on an owned property, reforestation in harvested areas, or the purchasing of sawmill equipment or machinery.

Timber loans can include:

  • Land purchases
  • Purchase of standing timber
  • Reforestation
  • Equipment purchases
  • Operating lines of credit
  • Chip mills, sawmills, and other processing facilities
  • Refinancing options
  • Other forestry-related materials

With our loans, we are looking to streamline your business, so you can optimize your operations, and give you peace of mind, knowing that you have the money to cover any unexpected costs that arise.

How do I get a timber loan?

To get a timber loan, you must first fill out an application. Legacy Ag Credit has offices in Sulphur Springs, Terrell, Canton, Gilmer, and Longview, that we’ve populated with our team of experts. There, they will help you find the best loan option to meet your specific needs for the lowest rates. All of our loans packages are customizable, so you will only ever pay for what you need!

 If none of our offices are convenient for you to travel to, we also offer an online application system. You are always welcome to call us with any questions you have about the application process, or loaning decisions.

Legacy Ag Credit also recommends utilizing our loan calculator. A loan calculator can help you determine your monthly payment for a loan, the total interest based on the purchase price, down payment amount, interest rate, and your number of monthly payments. This information is crucial to know before committing to a loan.

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Legacy Ag Credit is committed to bolstering the rural communities of Northeast Texas, including Franklin, Gregg, Harrison, Hopkins, Kaufman, Marion, Rains, Upshur, Van Zandt, and Wood counties. Put your trust in us to ensure your business will be thriving long into the future.

To start the loaning process, or for more information, contact one of our lenders at 866-855-9532.

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