Agricultural Financing

What is agricultural finance?

Agricultural financing entails various types of services designed to support both on- and off-farm agricultural activities, from production to market.

At Legacy Ag Credit, we have unmatched expertise in agricultural financing and our Legacy Ag Credit Capital Markets & Agribusiness Group proves that. Through partnerships with other credit institutions, the Group offers stable capital to the food, beverage, and agribusiness industries of rural America.

What are the sources of agricultural finance?

Legacy Ag Credit is part of the Farm Credit System and operates as a member-owned cooperative. This means that your capital markets and agribusiness needs are well-taken care of. Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • A stronger lending capacity
  • Creative approach to deal closing
  • Access to multiple credit instruments

The Capital Markets & Agribusiness Group at Legacy Ag Credit is well-positioned to provide growth capital for any type of agricultural industry.

How to finance agricultural land?

If you know what it takes to expand your agricultural business, the next step is to finance it with an agribusiness loan. These funds can go a long way, whether you’re using them to overcome a short-term cash flow challenge or you’re investing in the long-term success of your business.

Here are a couple of practical ways you can use an agribusiness loan:

  • Streamline operations. When you have top-notch equipment and plentiful staff at your disposal, you get things done faster. A loan can speed up your operations.
  • Purchase peace of mind. If you are working on the field or are in the barn, you don’t have time to worry about unexpected expenses. Agribusiness loans allow you to rest easy, knowing that you have a pool of money to access at all times.
  • Grow your business. Maybe you need more acreage to expand your crops and also more hands to tend to them. Taking out a loan will ensure you have space and the help you need to expand.

Apply today for an agribusiness loan

Agriculture is nothing like other industries. You need a funding partner that provides solutions to your challenges, even before they arise. Legacy Ag Credit loan officers will team up with you and determine your agricultural business goals. We finance loans for residents of Franklin, Gregg, Harrison, Hopkins, Kaufman, Marion, Rains, Upshur, Van Zandt, and Wood counties.

The best part of borrowing from us is that you get money back. The average member gets an annual return through a cash patronage payment. The bigger your loan, the more you get back in dividends.

Disclaimer: Cash-back dividends are paid on an annual basis. Cash distribution varies, depending upon earning and overall financial goals of the organization.

Get started with an agribusiness loan today by contacting one of our lenders at 866-885-9532.