Cash Management Services

Legacy Ag Credit strives to keep up the pace with the digital revolution. Today’s farmers and ranchers heavily rely on modern technology and don't always have time to go to the bank to manage their finances.

With our value-added cash management tools, you get the best of both worlds: save valuable time and administer your money with ease.

What are cash management products or services?

Cash management services are financial instruments designed to bring convenience to producers who need it the most. Legacy Ag Credit is equipped with several products to help you manage your cash effectively.

Ag Banking Online and Mobile App

Choose from two options for efficient online banking:

  • Our Ag Banking Online program enables you to make loan payments or transfer funds within minutes, from your computer.
  • The Ag Banking Mobile App makes dealing with loans as easy as clicking through your phone. Learn more here.


Your line of credit is a key to money “on-demand” that you can access whenever you need and repay right away or over time. To make sure you can easily take money from your Legacy Ag Credit account, we created AgriLine. This service is a checking account linked to your line of credit, so you can make any purchase by writing a check that will be automatically deducted.


The name says it all. Use this product to make loan payments or request money from your qualifying line of credit with just one phone call. You can do this from your home, office, or tractor cab and have the money transferred to or from your bank, checking or savings account. With FastCa$h, you call today and get your money tomorrow.


Global Funds Exchange or GFX is a software that allows you to transfer funds electronically, with same-day settlement. Traditional trades involve multiple parties, which means this process can take up to two business days. Legacy Ag Credit lets you transmit funds in a fast and secure way on the same day.

If you are a farmer in Texas that wants to send money anywhere in the world, be it India or China, you can confidently send a GFX wire transfer to your designee’s bank account.

LockBox Accounts

How do you maintain your cash flow without the hassle of making daily check deposits? The answer is LockBox Accounts, a product meant to simplify the accounts receivable process. LockBoxes send you special zip codes and quicker deliveries from regional post offices.

When you make your payments through a lockbox, everyone wins. As a customer, you receive and clear your checks in a more efficient way. And we have less operating expenses. Lockbox payments are excellent for term loans.

Pre-authorized Electronic Installment Drafting

This automatic withdrawal service is both a money and a time saver. Here’s how it works: An electronic draft will be drawn on your bank account. What if the interest rate changes? First, you will be notified of the change on a billing notice. Then, the new installment amount will automatically become the amount withdrawn from your account.

Stop buying stamps and envelopes and make your payments on time, every time with automatic withdrawals.

Get Started

No matter how big or small your loans are, we want to make sure you are equipped with every financial resource that will make your borrowing experience more pleasurable. Ready to try our cash management services? Start the application process online or call us toll-free at 866-885-3522.