Improved Land Loans

What is an improvement land loan?

Improved land loans are generally designed to help borrowers finance property improvements from recreational properties, such as hunting land, to retirement properties, and more.

Looking for a property? 

    Head over to our Property Search page to look for a rural property for sale throughout Texas and across the country.

    A land improvement loan isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a must-have if you want to improve production, boost efficiency, and grow your farm’s income. Many of our loan officers have extensive farming experience. They know that rural properties need constant maintenance and expansion. When working with animals and plants, you need to plan for upgrades.

    We are here to provide an array of property improvement loans for things like:

    • Barns and shops
    • Fences and roadways
    • Ponds and lakes

    Farming can be a tough business to get ahead in and you can’t afford to cut corners on anything from equipment to supplies. Many Texas farmers depend on the ability to irrigate their crops. To keep your crops always watered on time and with minimal waste of natural resources, you need modern irrigation systems. Ranches, on the other hand, rely on secure fencing to keep livestock contained in pastures and the costs of fence improvements can add up quickly.

    We are here to lend a helping hand. Instead of putting your plans on hold, work with our experts to get a loan.

    What kind of loan do you need for improved land?

    Legacy Ag Credit’s team of land-lending specialists can build custom loan packages with competitive rates, so you can finally purchase that land or make some long-awaited upgrades.

    You don’t need to have it all figured out just yet. We support Northeast Texas farmers and ranchers at all stages of their journey. More than giving you a loan, we want to educate you about this ever-growing industry. Some of Legacy Ag Credit’s stockholders that participate annually in the Farm Credit Young Leaders Program have the opportunity to see firsthand how Farm Credit uses money raised on Wall Street to support agriculture and rural communities.

    Apply for a land improvement loan

    We want to make sure you are not wasting any time, and have developed ways to make the loan application, approval, and appraisal processes as smooth and as fast as possible.

    If you’re excited to apply for a land improvement loan, please complete this short online questionnaire to find the right option for you. We also encourage you to use our Loan Payment Calculator. The estimated monthly payment does not include taxes and insurance, but this tool will give you an idea about what loan works best for you. We’d love to meet you in person too, so find a nearby branch and pay us a visit. 


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