Loans for Barndominiums

Legacy Ag Credit is a trusted agricultural lender in Northeast Texas, dedicated to helping you build a legacy for yourself and your family. We offer a variety of loans that all share a few key characteristics: simple credit systems, competitive interests rates, and personalized terms.

Our loan offerings are a top choice for homeowners looking for competitive barndominium construction loans. At Legacy Ag Credit, we know the importance of having a space of your own to call home. Our experienced lending team will help you navigate the farm credit system and craft a loan program custom-tailored to your needs. With competitive rates, compassionate lenders, and comprehensive service, we are an ideal partner for making your barndominium dreams come true.

What is a Barndominium?

Besides the appeal of beautiful barn aesthetics and expansive rural views, barndominiums (or barndos) often provide more space than traditional housing. They are also much less expensive to build and maintain.

Homeowners choose to invest in barndominiums for their versatility, high ceilings, low cost of construction, and easy maintenance. Most barndominiums have energy-efficient windows, engineered concrete slabs, spray foam insulation, and efficient plumbing. With ceilings that stretch to the sky and quiet, beautiful views, it’s no wonder that barndominiums are popping up across Northeast Texas.

Barndominiums can be exclusively residential, but can also serve as vacation spots or half-storage, half-housing spaces. Some owners choose to renovate barn lofts into living spaces while leaving the bottom area as a garage or storage space. Barndominiums are custom homes, and can be highly personalized. Still looking to acquire the perfect piece of rural property for your country corner? We can help you with a rural land loan too. Whatever your vision is for your barndo, Legacy Ag Credit has the barndominium loans to make it happen.

How Do I Receive a Barndominium Loan?

If you are constructing a new building or want to add improvements to your current building, explore our construction loans. For owners choosing to custom-build their new space, a rural home loan is likely more appropriate.

However, Legacy Ag Credit has experience with barndominium loans. We take pride in helping our customers build their legacy, and are eager to help you realize your dreams. Our numerous branch offices, seasoned team of loan officers, and previous funding of barndo projects means that we have the tools and experience to make your vision a reality.

The very first step toward receiving a barndominium loan is filling out an simple application. If you are looking for a rough idea of what your payments might be before applying, use our online loan payment calculator.

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Legacy Ag Credit will be with you through every step of the loan process to ensure you receive a plan that meets your needs. For competitive rates, personalized payment plans, and attentive experts, get in touch with us and apply for a barndominium loan today.



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