Dec 11, 2023

Your Guide to Barndominium Design Ideas

by Legacy Ag Credit

In our fast-paced, high-tech world, the idea of a simpler, more open-concept home design is suddenly causing quite the frenzy across generations. Those used to the compact, universal designs of the city are venturing outward and developing newer, fresher homes that speak to the cozy dynamic that can’t be found in the hustle and bustle of more urban areas.

But, with the trend of millennials buying smaller homes, where is the happy medium between a rural home that provides the same intimate cozy feel of a smaller flat or apartment?

The answer? A barndominium! Taking new construction design enthusiasts by storm, barndominiums have become the sweet spot for people looking to downsize (or upsize from a rental) to a more unique and elevated “mini home.”

If a barndominium has been on your radar or you’re looking for new design ideas to get you inspired, keep reading! In this blog, we’ll be discussing all things barndominiums and how you can finance your dream barndominium with help from Legacy AG Credit.

What is a Barndominium?

If you’ve never heard of a barndominium, let us explain this relatively new structure and how it’s changing the game for homeowners.

A barndominium is simply the combination of two things: a barn and a condominium. It is a type of new construction that can be completely customized to each homeowner’s taste thanks in part to it’s structural build. As barndominiums, often shortened to simply, “barndo’s,” are built from a kit made of tougher materials like metal, it allows for a flexible interior space due to the load-bearing weight of the metal outer walls.

modern kitchen at a repurposed barndominium

Benefits of a Barndominium

Barndominiums are the perfect solution for individuals who love the appeal of a traditional home, but the flexibility and accommodations that come with an open-concept structure – like that of a barn. As well as the interior design and functionality, barndominiums also offer key benefits that separate it from a traditional new construction home, including:

  • Higher Ceilings
  • Greater Energy Efficiency
  • Complete Customization
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Cost Savings

Building a Barndominium: The Process

The building process of a barndominium is entirely different than that of a traditional new construction home. Due to the fewer materials needed to build a barndo, it typically will only take around 9 – 18 months to construct and often is much quicker to do.

Here is your simple guide to building a barndominium!

Purchase Land

The process for building a barndominium really starts with finding a good plot of land. You need one with proper foundation that supports the weight of a barndo and enough acreage to match your desired home size.

Fortunately, the experts at Legacy AG Credit can help with personalized assistance, helping you find the best land loans to meet your needs and goals. 

Choose a Barndominium Kit

Once you’ve chosen the land, the next step is choosing a barndominium kit. This kit will provide you with a barndominium floor plan, material shell of your new home (either steel or wood), and the roof. You can DIY your barndominium kit, however, it’s often easier to simply purchase a kit and save on planning and preparation.

Decide on Layout & Interior

You’ve got your land, you’ve got your kit – now what? The next step in the process is layout and interior – two very important steps. These steps will determine factors like how many bedrooms you want, the location of the kitchen, as well as the installation of plumbing, cabinetry, and interior paneling.

Barndominium design that keeps original features but adds a modern look

Set Up Utilities

Once you’ve completed your interior, you’ll need to set up utilities, including water, waste management, gas, and electric. For rural location, you might have to have a septic tank installed and a propane tank for gas.

Start Designing

Finally, the last step in the process is design. Just as you would with a traditional, new construction home, you have to find a design that matches your unique aesthetic and create a functional theme that will work well with the layout you have chosen. This process is the most fun and with the open-concept structure of a barndominium, the design options are truly endless.

 Rustic Nook Steel Barndominium

Barndominium Design Ideas: Which is Best?

Your barndominium design style should be one that matches your unique personality and tastes, bringing to life your passions, hobbies, and lifestyle preferences. If you love reading, you may want to choose a style that is cozier with neutral, soft colors and warm accent pieces.

If you’re brand new to barndominium designs and don’t know where to start, here are our top three design choices to look into!

The Rustic Barndominium

The rustic barndominium style is the ultimate cozy option – think log cabin, rural farmhouse, Colorado getaway vacation. This style really incorporates warm tones and natural wood. Interior wall paneling and stone accents, such as a fireplace are the perfect aesthetic choice for this type of design.

The Contemporary Barndominium

The contemporary barndominium design style will most likely be something you’re already familiar with. This type is closely related to new construction home design and often features crisp white color ranges with shiplap, neutral gray accents, and updated, eco-friendly lighting choices, such as LED.

Contemporary open space barndominium

The Industrial/Modern Barndominium

The modern/industrial barndominium design style features clean lines and sharper materials like stainless steel and copper. Open windows are a prominent feature of this style, perfectly accenting the muted, cool-toned color scheme that can often be found with this design.

How to Finance Your Dream Barndominium Design

Are you ready to start building your dream barndominium? Let the expert and knowledgeable team at Legacy AG Credit help you finance your dream barndominium with a plethora of finance options and support to get you exactly what you’re looking for.

Our team will help answer any questions you may have about land loans, home loans, or refinancing options, so you can feel taken care of throughout the entire process.

To learn more about your barndominium and land loan options, please get in touch with us today and we’ll help you get started.