Cash Management Services

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Accessing your line of credit is as easy as writing a check. AgriLine is a checking account linked to your Legacy Ag Credit line of credit. It allows you to purchase goods or services by writing a check that is automatically deducted from your line of credit.


Eliminate your worries about overdrafts and idle balances. Offered in partnership with Wells Fargo, this product links your bank account to your line of credit. If you do not have enough funds in the account to cover your expenses, Wells Fargo will automatically draw money from your line of credit loan with us. If you have excess cash that day, it will pay money toward your loan. AgSweep allows you to pay bills; view your account activity, bank statements, and check images; link personal accounts; receive market alerts; make deposits via remote deposit scanner; and download QuickBooks, if applicable.


With just one phone call, you can make a loan payment or request money from your loan without leaving your home, office, or tractor cab. The money will be automatically transferred to or from your bank checking or savings account. Call today, and the money will be in your account tomorrow.


A wire transfer is the electronic movement of funds with same-day settlement. Legacy Ag Credit has the ability to send a fast, secure GFX wire transfer to your or your designee’s bank account even if it’s in Lebanon or the Caymans and even if you’re a "hemp" producer in Colorado.

Lock-Box Accounts

Receiving and clearing your checks will be more efficient if you make your payments through a lock box, which in turn reduces Legacy’s operating expenses. Lock boxes provide a customer with a special zip code and quicker deliveries from regional post offices. Lock-box payments are excellent for term loans.

Pre-authorized Electronic Installment Drafting

Save money on stamps and envelopes and make your payments on time, every time, by setting up this automatic withdrawal service. An electronic draft will be drawn on your bank account. If the interest rate changes, you will be notified of the change on a billing notice, and the new installment amount will automatically become the amount withdrawn from your account.

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