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Most commercial banks think their customers are all the same. According to them, a farmer is no different than a real estate developer. At Farm Credit, however, we know better. Some folks like to pay their loans monthly so they can keep a consistent budget, while others prefer yearly payments to coincide with harvest season. Still others are somewhere in between. At Legacy Ag Credit, we're able to make individualized loan packages that best fit the needs of our customers.

However, we don't only loan to farmers and ranchers-just in case your regular bank told you that, too. We can finance a full range rural home and recreational properties that could be your dream home or property for you and your family.

And when your needs are larger or more complicated than the average loan, Legacy has a suite of capital markets and agribusiness products that might be just right for you as well.

Finally, we have a cadre of services designed to help you manage both your business and your finances. These include appraisal services, cash management products, and equipment leasing capabilities.

At Legacy Ag Credit, we have a full range of products and services to meet your needs, so contact us today to get started.

Loan Products

Custom-tailored loan options for all of your rural real estate, agriculture and agribusiness financing needs.


Leasing and financially related services available through your local Legacy lending office.